4 Things to Know About Garage Door Repair

4 Things to Know About Garage Door Repair

The garage door is relatively new — only really coming into fashion in America in the 1920s, with many calling it “the new front door.” And while we at Retrak Door Service of Colorado know a thing or two about your new front doors, we also know a lot about garage door repairs. In this blog post, we’re going to share four of our most requested tips when dealing with garage door repair. Get in contact with us today if you’re in need of garage door repair!


It’s Not Safe to DIY

The simple fact is this: garage door repair is not safe to do yourself. A leaky faucet? Sure. But a 200-pound sheet of metal that’s operated by high-pressure springs with more moving parts than we could count? Yeah, it’s best to trust the professionals at Retrak Doors with any garage door repairs.


Costs for Repairs Can Vary Greatly

Depending on the scope of the damage, the contractors you’re working with, and the general size and shape of your garage doors, repair costs can vary greatly. You’re better off asking for a quote from a trusted brand, rather than doing your own research and trying it yourself.


You Need to Keep Your Garage Door Components Clean

Garage doors keep the outside out — but not always. Your garage door and garage door opener are subject to just as much wear and tear as the rest of your home. Additionally, your garage door has mechanical parts in it — namely a motor that pulls the garage door up and down — that will need periodic lubrication in order to continue functioning properly.


Garage Door Repair is Time-Consuming

While our garage door repair service can often fix most garage doors in as little as two hours, there are cases where garage door repairs will take a little longer than usual — sometimes even stretching into days if a specific part needs to be ordered.

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