Four Things to Know About Emergency Garage Door Repair

Four Things to Know About Emergency Garage Door Repair

When your front door won’t lock, and evening is creeping up on you, you’d call a locksmith right away, right? Well, the same should be true for your garage doors. Emergency garage door repair is a service offered by many garage door services, such as Retrak Door Service of Colorado. With just a phone call, an expert technician will arrive at your home and help repair your garage for safety and peace of mind. Here are four things to know before you pick up the phone.


A Damaged or Broken Garage Door Can Be Deadly

Damaged or broken doors will require immediate emergency garage door repair. Not only is your malfunctioning garage door a point of failure in your home’s security, it’s also highly dangerous to tamper with. This is because garage doors weigh a lot, and operate on a system of highly pressurized springs that are subject to failure.


Don’t Try to Assess The Problem Yourself

If you think you need emergency garage door repair services, pick up the phone — don’t try to figure it out yourself. Garage door repair is dangerous work, and if you don’t know what you’re looking at, you risk getting injured, or worse, by your faulty doors.


Emergency Garage Door Repair Services Are Usually 24/7

Almost every emergency garage door repair service operates on a 24/7 schedule, meaning there is always someone available to help repair your garage door should it fail or malfunction. This is important to note when it’s nighttime and your garage doors aren’t opening.


Insurance May Not Cover Emergency Repairs

Though this is policy-dependent, there is a chance your homeowner's insurance won’t cover the cost of an emergency garage door repair. Again, this is policy dependent, but you should consider looking closer at your contract before you sign: does it contain clauses that account for family members damaging the door or other parties? What if your garage is separate from your home? These are all important questions to answer before signing up for a policy.

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When your garage door fails, you’re either locked out or locked in, making it so important you utilize emergency garage door repair services. It’s a matter of convenience, but more importantly, it’s a matter of safety. If you need garage door services, look no further than Retrak Door Services of Colorado.

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