Modern Garage Door


You’re about to leave for work one morning, but when you get out to the garage, the door won’t open. You hit the remote once, twice, three times, and it won’t even budge. And when you try the handheld remote in your car, your door doesn’t budge. What’s going on? You just had a new garage door system installed. It can’t be broken, can it?

You start to panic. How will you get your car out of the garage if the door won’t open? How will you get to work on time if you can’t get your car out? You use your phone and search online for how to get your garage door open manually without breaking it. A few garage door service companies share some advice. Eventually, you figure out how to get your door open, but a grinding noise fills the entire garage. What’s wrong with your door?

As you pull out of your garage, you press your remote button — nothing happens. In the midst of your panic to not be late for work, you forget in three seconds or less that you have to get out of your car, walk up the driveway, and manually close the door. But when you do this, the door slams shut, nearly clipping your toe and adding a medical bill to your growing garage door repair expense. The panels have gaps between them, and the door now looks “off-center” from where it was when it was closed earlier.

You don’t have time to deal with it, so you hop in your car and head to work.


You or someone you know may have had this happen to them. While the example above is a bit extreme, it is possible. In most cases, the “fly-by-night” garage door service guy does shoddy work that can cost you thousands later to repair or replace what’s been done.

What’s more, the pros at Retrak Door Service understand your thinking. You want to get a new garage door for the best price possible. We’re bargain shoppers, too, especially when it comes to clothes, furniture, accessories, and more. But when it comes to garage doors, you need to have it installed properly. If your garage door is not repaired or installed properly, you may suffer unseen consequences like being late for work, pay thousands to get a completely new garage door system or have a repair company come out and “fix” what your cheap garage door guy couldn’t do right the first time.


#1. It Costs You Money

When you pay for proper garage door services, you pay less in the long run. On average, cheaply installed or repaired garage doors need three (3) more visits to get working properly. The cost of those three visits is more than if you would have paid for the proper installation or repair the first time.

#2. It Costs You Time

For most homeowners, they want to be home when their garage door is being installed or repaired. It’s a safety thing — and rightfully so. However, this time you spend at home instead of at work or out spending time with your family is now spent on waiting for your garage door to be installed.

What happens when your install is wrong and you have to call for those three repair visits? You spend more time waiting for your garage door to be fixed, which costs you. At Retrak Door Service, we respect your time because it costs you money.

#3. It Costs You Safety

A garage door that does not function properly can endanger you and your family. While a garage door isn’t the best line of defense, it still acts as a deterrent to those attempting to get into your home uninvited. What’s more, garage doors support the concept “out-of-sight, out-of-mind.” Your belongings, vehicles, and more that are stored in your garage are safer when people can’t see them. A broken garage door may put you, your family, and your belongings at risk.

Now that you know how a cheap garage door installation can cost you thousands, as well as time and safety, it’s time you choose a garage door company that takes pride in getting your door installed or repaired properly the first time.

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