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With LiftMaster products, you are guaranteed a high-quality garage door opener that you can trust. Whether you are looking for a wall mount garage door opener, a garage door opener with a battery backup, or a traditional chain drive opener, Retrak in Lakewood has the right LiftMaster product for your Denver home’s needs. Our garage door openers are the perfect accessory to any of our C.H.I. garage doors. We also handle installation and repairs for all our garage door openers.

Retrak is proud to be a LiftMaster dealer. LiftMaster dealers are recognized leaders in their local areas. As such, we are dedicated to providing superior levels of professional expertise and responsiveness in the sales, installation, and service of LiftMaster brand products.

✔️We sell and service high-quality lift master door openers.

✔️We are an official LiftMaster authorized dealer.

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When you need a new garage door opener, there’s no better place to turn than Retrak Door Service. Our Denver garage door company is an official, authorized LiftMaster dealer, meaning we’re a reputable source for all LiftMaster products. In addition, our technicians are skilled in working with and servicing LiftMaster products, including the LiftMaster Secure View smart garage door opener. We proudly stand behind our products and service, ensuring our customers receive nothing but the best.

Keep reading to find out what our LiftMaster garage door opener services in Denver can do for you, then contact us to book an appointment.

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With the LiftMaster Secure View smart garage door opener, you'll never again have to wonder if you left the garage door open.

  • ✔️ Check the status of your garage from your phone
  • ✔️ Open and close the garage door from your phone
  • ✔️ See what's happening in your garage from anywhere with real-time video monitoring
  • ✔️ View recordings stored in the cloud of every time your garage door opens
  • ✔️ Two-way audio allows you to hear and talk to anyone in your garage
  • ✔️ Garage door opener that's simple to use and built to last


When you have the LiftMaster Secure View smart garage door opener installed, you can enjoy HD-quality video that allows you to monitor your garage throughout all hours of the day. Thanks to a glare-resistant night vision lens, you’ll even have a clear view at night. Plus, the lens can auto-adjust to varying light levels to ensure nothing gets in the way of your video feed. The integrated video camera can be manually tilted and rotates a full 360º so you won’t miss a thing from any angle in your garage.

The camera captures a live stream that you can view for free, and with a myQ® Video Storage Subscription, you’ll get access to recorded videos for up to 7 or 30 days, depending on your plan. With convenient two-way audio, you can communicate through your garage and smartphone.



Have you heard of the myQ® Smart Home app? It allows you to monitor and control your garage from anywhere with a smartphone. One of the best perks of our LiftMaster garage door opener services in Denver is that our technicians can show you how to take advantage of it.

The LiftMaster Secure View smart garage door opener can easily and conveniently connect to myQ® through your home’s internet network. Once connected, you’ll be able to open and close your garage door remotely with a touch of a button within the app, as well as receive safety alerts about your garage door straight to your smartphone. myQ® syncs with various smart devices and platforms, making it easy to keep your home safe even while you’re away.


With the myQ® Diagnostics App for your LiftMaster smart garage door opener, you'll never be left wondering if there is a problem with your garage door.

  • ✔️ Helpful error codes let you know if there is a problem and what that problem is
  • ✔️ When the issue requires a pro, you can send a report straight to your preferred Denver garage door company directly from the myQ® App.
  • ✔️ Keep your garage door running smoothly
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Because the LiftMaster Secure View smart garage door opener is compatible with the myQ® app, it’s also compatible with Amazon Key. This unique feature is FREE for Amazon Prime members and makes it incredibly easy to keep your Amazon deliveries safe. Say goodbye to pesky porch pirates!

With Amazon Key through myQ®, you can enjoy in-garage deliveries. When enabled, an Amazon driver that pulls up to your house to drop off a package will receive temporary, one-time access to your garage. This allows them to securely deliver your package and provide you with peace of mind knowing that strangers and thieves can’t get to it while you’re away. And thanks to myQ®, you can watch your delivery in real-time to ensure nothing goes wrong.

In-garage deliveries from Amazon are free for Amazon Prime members, so you won’t have to worry about additional fees to use this option. Should you decide you don’t want to grant access to your garage before your package gets delivered, you can easily cancel your in-garage delivery and block access. Please note that, by doing so, your delivery will revert to standard delivery, and the driver will place it at your front door.

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With the LiftMaster Secure View smart garage door opener, gone are the days of hearing a loud noise every time the garage opens and closes. This particular opener utilizes a strong yet virtually silent belt drive system so you won’t hear a peep from your indoor living spaces. Plus, you’ll enjoy additional silence thanks to the long-lasting DC motor. With its smooth start and stop operation, you can take advantage of an extended hardware life and reduced garage door maintenance.

If your Denver home is ever faced with a power outage, you don’t have to worry about getting locked in or out of your garage. That’s because the LiftMaster Secure View smart garage door opener has a built-in battery backup, meaning it always stays on!

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It doesn’t get any safer or more secure than the LiftMaster Secure View smart garage door opener. In addition to the live 360º feed, it’s also fitted with safety sensors that will protect your vehicles and family or visitors from getting harmed by the door. These sensors prevent the door from closing on obstructions that get in the way, so you’ll never have to worry about a thing. In addition, the motion-detection lighting enables the garage light to turn on as soon as you walk in, making it easy to see no matter the time of day.

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Because of its incredible features and capabilities, the LiftMaster Secure View smart garage door is a must-have for any home. In fact, the sense of safety it provides alone is reason enough to have it installed. But what other benefits can our LiftMaster garage door opener services in Denver offer you?

  • ✔️ Monitor your garage from anywhere with a smartphone and WiFi
  • ✔️ Keep your Amazon deliveries safe from porch pirates
  • ✔️ Enjoy a quiet, longer-lasting garage door opener
  • ✔️ Watch a live view of your garage day or night
  • ✔️ Connect your garage with your myQ® smart home

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re located in Lakewood, Thornton, Arvada, or the surrounding Denver area, Retrak is here to help you enjoy the security, convenience, and peace of mind that the LiftMaster Secure View smart garage door opener provides. There’s no better choice than our skilled Denver garage door company, and we’re here for all your installation and service needs. Contact Retrak Door Services today for more information on LiftMaster products or to book an appointment for your LiftMaster Secure View smart garage door opener installation.

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