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Many are unaware of just how important a garage door can be. From keeping intruders out to saving money on energy bills, an updated and appropriately designed garage door improves your home in many ways. At Retrak Door Service, we offer numerous garage door services in and around the Arvada area. If you are in need of garage repair services or are considering updating your current garage door, contact our team today to get started!

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Most garage doors make up roughly one-third to one-half of the front of your home — depending on the design of your home — which tends to make it one of the first things that both you and visitors notice when approaching the house. Garage doors that have broken panels, look offset, have paint that is chipping or other damages, can quickly devalue a home. There is no need to worry, these problems can be easily fixed by the professionals at Retrak Door Service. Contact us today to learn more!

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Some of the major benefits of updating or repairing your garage door include:

Curb Appeal

Improving your home’s curb appeal

Save money

Increasing the value of your home


Heightening the security of your garage and home


Improving the energy-efficiency of your home

These are just the beginning of the benefits you could reap from the services we provide at Retrak Door Service. Many people let their garage door maintenance slip through their fingertips as it may seem like a low-priority aspect of your home.

However, letting your garage door get worn down and broken can increasingly bring about unwanted situations such as lack of security, energy-inefficiency, and a decrease in your home’s value. Contact Retrak Door Service today to update or repair your home’s garage door today!

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At Retrak Door Service, you are able to design a unique garage door that shows off your style and gives your house an eye-catching element. Designing your own garage door allows you to choose the material it is made of as well as the color and style. Since our garage doors are custom fit to your home and you are able to build it yourself, you will be able to reap all the benefits of a high-end, updated garage door. Contact our team today to get started designing your new garage door!

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When a garage door is not installed correctly it can cause many issues and doesn’t allow the garage door to do its job properly. With so many moving parts and specific tools, it is important to have someone that is experienced and knowledgeable to install your new garage door. At Retrak Garage Service, our team is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your garage door. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we offer fast and efficient garage door installations on top of world-class customer service. Contact us today!

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With so many moving parts that have to work properly in unison, garage doors are susceptible to needing to be adjusted or repaired. At Retrak Door Service, we offer a number of garage door repair and replacement services — from repairing off-track garage doors or garage door opener repair to cable or roller replacements. Many may not realize the convenience and importance of their garage door until it stops working properly. Don’t wait to get your garage door inspected if you think something may not be working quite right. Contact our team at Retrak Door Service today!

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