You’re ready for a new garage door. You want to find a garage door company that you can trust. And you’re ready to pay a fair price for the door.

You probably know that garage doors can range in price and service, but what you probably didn’t know is that Retrak can take care of all of your garage door needs.

Most homeowners have to deal with multiple companies to get a new garage door. They have to call the manufacturer to get the door. They have to call a garage door installer. And then they have to have a local garage door guy come out and maintain the door for you.

At Retrak Door Service, we believe that’s too much work for you. When you choose us, you get your new garage door without all the hassle of managing your garage door project. All you have to do is give us one phone call, and we’ll take care of all your garage door needs, from design to repair. Here are our garage door services:

Garage Door Design

If you want a custom-designed garage door, Retrak Door Service has great partnerships with companies like AMARR and C.H.I. to get you the garage door that fits your style and needs. Check out all of our new garage door designs and styles.

Garage Door Installation

You know which garage door you want. You may have already purchased the door. And you’re in search of a garage door guy that can install it. Retrak Door Service provides comprehensive garage door installation service at fair prices. Check out our installation services to learn more.

Garage Door Repair

When your garage door gets a little loose, you may need to have it repaired. Now, you can DIY the repair and hope it works, or you can call a garage door technician who can get your door back to working order quickly and easily. Don’t go another day with a dysfunctional garage door. Learn more about our garage door repair services now!

What to Expect From Retrak Door Service

One of the biggest challenges that Retrak Door Service faces is cleaning up after all the “fly-by-night” garage door guys out there. Many of our customers have been taken advantage of by these “criminals,” and we’re here to tell you that we’re not that. Instead, we’re honest, straightforward, and fair. Our mission is to protect you from the bad guys, and we do just that by providing the best garage door service around Denver. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.